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Bar Clothes:

New Combat Boots
Black Socks
Black Levi’s Slim Fit Jeans
Black Teeshirt (Gold Skull with a Gold Crow on it)
Black Bandana
White Dollar Store Sunglasses

dear 90+ degree weather, if i ignore you you will go away

<3 XOXO,

P.S. scads of actual content coming soon, i’ve just been too lazy and too warm to hand type the huge backlogs of quotes from books i’ve read

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On why i have been shitty about updating…

My internet service provider sucks
ditto on my health
my ‘professional’ life as a student is consuming an increasing amount of my time
because of the above my psychological health is currently a mess

thus, i haven’t really been able to do more than a cursory skim of stuff on tumblr, its not because i don’t love reading peoples stuff (except for occupy wall street shit, please, quit that, its embarrassing & when @narchists blog libertarian shit about freedom because they don’t realize there is a quantifiable difference in terms… ugh nvm)… 

anyway, as a general sort of thing:

i can be contacted (should you wish to co-write, send me hate mail that doesn’t get lost in the tumblr ether, etc.) at:

if you want to be sure i read something, you can tag my tumblr in it (i track myself  because i’m a narcissist)

<3 XOXO,

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The activity of gathering military intelligence about an enemy’s geographical location, hostile intentions and destructive potential has always been an essential component of warfare. And so have been the activities involved in preventing an enemy from obtaining knowledge about one’s own forces, as well as those involved in misleading him by supplying deliberately false information. The oldest known treatise on the art of war, written by the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu (ca. 400 B.C.), locates the eseence of combat not in the exercise of violence, but in foreknowledge and deception: that is, the foreknowledge needed to make strategic estimates for a campaign, as well as the deceptive means to conceal from a potential enemy one’s true dispositions and ultimate intentions. Because of the key role played by knowledge and deception in military affairs the armies of ancient times (the Egyptian, Assyrian and Greek armies, for instance) had already developed systematic approaches to the collection and analysis of intelligence, as well as to the occult arts of counterintelligence.
Manuel De Landa - “War in the Age of Intelligent Machines”

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for the magician, it is essential to obtain a parhedros; one does not become a true magus without such an assistant. To acquire one is thus also a kind of initiatory rite. The papyri supply us with a series of examples- a most characteristic one is taken from the same papyrus in Berlin:

A demon comes as an assistant: he will reveal everything to you, he will live, eat, and sleep with you
(1) Take two of your fingernails and all the hairs from your head. Take a Circaean falcon deify it [drown it] in the milk of a black cow, after you have mixed Attic honey with the milk. And once you have deified it, wrap it with an undyed [that is, pure] piece of cloth and place beside it your fingernails and your hairs; take some royal papyrus, write what follows on it in ink of myrrh, and set it in the same manner along with the fingernails and the hairs, then smear it with uncut frankincense and old wine.
(1a) Here is what you will write on the paper: A EE HHH IIII OOOOO γ γ γ γ γ γ ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ. But write it arranged in two figures.
(2)(a) Take the milk with the honey and drink it before the sun rises, and something divine will be in your heart. Take the falcon, set it up in a temple made of juniper wood, and having crowned this same temple, make an offering of non-animal food, and have on hand some old wine.
(b) Before going to bed, make a prayer before this same bird after you have offered it a sacrifice as you usually do and say this spell: A EE HHH IIII OOOOO γ γ γ γ γ γ ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ, come to my place, good farmer, good demon… come to my place, o holy Orion, you who dwell in the north, who cause the currents of the Nile to roll down and mingle with the sea, transforming them with life as does the sperm of man in sexual union, you who built the world on indestructible foundation, who are young in the morning and old in the evening, you who journey through the subterranean pole and who rise, breathing fire, you who have parted the seas in the first month, who ejaculate your sperm into the sacred figtree of Hermupolis. This is your authoritative name: ARBATH ABAOTH BAKCHABRE.
(c) But when you are dismissed, be shoeless and walk backward, and set yourself to the enjoyment of the food and dinner and the prescribed food offering, coming face to face as companion to the god. This rite demands total purity; hide, hide the procedure and abstain from intercourse with a woman for seven days.

Fritz Graf - “Magic in the Ancient World”

anyone know where to find a Circaean falcon?

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