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One extremely useful element in the present day situation, that gives capital’s restructuring a seeming aspect of being a spontaneous process of adjustment, is the massive presence of ‘dissent’. We must say `no’. They are putting through anti-union laws, we must say no. They are putting missiles at Greenham Common, we must say no. They are building more and more prisons with special wings, we must say no…

This no must be shouted aloud, not be a simple whisper of platonic dissent. It mustn’t pass into action, but remain simply a `minority’ demonstration of disagreement. It is then up to the governing forces to explain the practical impossibility of such a choice, which is nevertheless based on the `highest moral values’. As good a way as any of making a fool of people, extinguishing their potential aggressivity, directing this impetus of rebellion towards activities that are dissent merely in appearance, and in fact are counter-revolutionary in every aspect.

This is what is being asked of the peace movement, and that is what they are supplying. As an ideology pacifism lends itself to being exploited for the production of social peace. An indigestible mixture of Christian sacrifice and millenarian fideism, it is much appreciated by the State as a means of involvement. Even the peace demonstrations that comrades are so impressed by are an element that is much appreciated in the spectacular framework of exploitation. The fact that these demonstrations are innocuous has nothing to do with whether or not they clash with the police. They are recuperated on all sides because of their being sporadic and passive as far as the State is concerned, and because of their basic lack of ideology as far as the peace movement is concerned. These new priests, clutching at the altar of their own sacrifice, are incomprehensible to people who would like to participate in struggles, but not for that are prepared to abdicate their patrimony of violent attack against the State. This is what the State puts its trust in, their incomprehensibility,allowing the peace movement demonstrations that are forbidden to others, but intervening as soon as any signs appear of an outside presence within the pacifist organisations

Midnight Notes - “Strange Victories”

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