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What happens when a Hipster is raised on Critical Theory and Drank

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National recognition and inclusion, here signaled as the annexation of homosexual jargon [closeting/coming out narratives applied to the military], is contingent upon the segregation and disqualification of racial and sexual others from the national imaginary. At work in this dynamic is a form of sexual exceptionalism- the emergence of national homosexuality, what I term “homonationalism”- that corresponds with the coming out of the exceptionalism of American empire. Further, this brand of homosexuality operates as a regulatory script not only of normative gayness, queerness, or homosexuality, but also of the racial and national norms that reinforce these sexual subjects. There is a commitment to the global dominant ascendancy of whiteness that is implicated in the propagation of the United States as empire as well as the alliance between this propagation of this brand of homosexuality. The fleeting sanctioning of a national homosexual subject is possible, not only through the proliferation of sexual-racial subjects who invariably fall out of its narrow terms of acceptability, as others have argued, but more significantly, through the simultaneous engendering and disavowal of populations of sexual-racial others who need not apply.

jasbir k. puar - Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times

this book is really good, jsyk

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